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License & Insurance

EmpireWorks Arizona

License Information for Arizona

License Class: K-34 Painting

License Number: ROC202664

License Class: KB-2 Dual Residence and Small Commercial

License Number: 269463

EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm: NAT-229961-1

EmpireWorks California

License Information for California

License Class: B – General Building Contractor and C33 – Painting and Decorating License: 689235

EPA Lead-Safe Certified Renovator Firm NAT-22997-1 (Central California), NAT-22999-1 (Northern California), NAT-115433-1 (Inland Empire), NAT-23000-1 (San Diego)

EMPSD Class C33 License: 943059

EMPSD Class B License: 957037

EMPNC Class C33 and Class B License: 940540

EMPCC Class C33 License: 935698

EMPIE Class C33 License: 987245

EmpireWorks Florida

License Information for Florida

EMPTPA Contractors License Number: SP14350

EMPTPA Contractors License Number: 1331993

EmpireWorks Nevada

License Information for Nevada

Class B License Number: 0077959

Class C-4 License Number: 60034

EPA Lead-Safe Certified Renovator Firm NAT-23001-1

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